A glimpse of a bygone time …

… when we could actually walk together in beautiful countryside. Stay well everyone. JJ

JJ walking with Matthew Bannister

Listen again to the Folk On Foot podcast episode recorded last August featuring John Jones and the Reluctant Ramblers walking with Matthew Bannister to the Wickham Festival in Hampshire.

The podcast features the songs ‘Walking Through Ithonside’, ‘Ferryman’ and ‘Never Stop Moving’ together with conversations en route.

You can listen at folkonfoot.com or click below for your podcast app:

Apple Podcasts — Google Podcasts — Spotify

4 thoughts on “A glimpse of a bygone time …

  1. Hi John, So good to hear from you and I hope you are well and continue to stay well through this awful time. I’ll definitely listen in to the podcast. Thank you. These lovely walks, never taken for granted, but how lucky we were, it’s so highlighted now when our lives have to change so suddenly. Bless our NHS! Looking forward to seeing you when all this is done, for more walks and songs, or in some field or hall, can’t wait for that day! With love and very best wishes to you, your family and the band too, Alison Evans Hampshire

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