Two dates for your diary in 2019

Time to get rid of those winter blues and look forward to joining JJ and The Ramblers out on those hidden highways and byways of old England again:

1. Thursday August 1st at  Wickham Festival: John and the Ramblers band will lead a walk on the beautiful South Downs to arrive at the opening of the festival and then play a set that evening before The Proclaimers .  

2.September 26/27/28  Return to the North Lakes. Three days walking the rugged landscape of the North Lakes. A half day walk on the Thursday with a session in the evening. Then two great days of walking and evenings of music with JJ and RR in Threlkeld Village Hall. Further details to follow including when tickets will be available.
Save the dates now. JJ

JJ reflects ….

The raw stats of miles walked, metres climbed or calories expended cannot ever do justice to the shared experience of walking in all weathers with a great bunch of people like The Ramblers. As Boff says, “Reluctant” is hardly the right word these days; but in a way it reflects that feeling of not taking ourselves too seriously, whatever we do and … some of this was hard. It is The Lakes; inspiring and daunting and changing each time you look up from watching your step.

My thanks to you all for being on the walks and at the gigs and for some great FB feedback and my special thanks to Colin, Tom, Fran and Graham and Vanya for invaluable support – and there were times when I needed it! … And of course to a great band: Rowan, Lindsey, Al and Tim and guest Nick Passmore for making the songs and tunes come alive. JJ

The walkers at the very start – Thursday at the Castlerigg stone circle:

and at Skiddaw House on the Saturday walk:

The band on Saturday:

JJ Looks forward to next week

JJ writes:

“Just back from 2 days of rehearsing with the RR band, blowing off the cobwebs of songs from Rising Road and Never Stop Moving and hearing the new songs Rowan and Lindsey will sing. Finished off with a ceilidh tune session and a curry. Perfect.
Looking forward to playing in that nice little Village hall in Threlkeld with Blencathra looming above us.”

Ceilidh Arrangements 

The ceilidh in Threlkeld on 22nd September is completely sold out and there will be no tickets available at the door.

The maximum dancers the hall can accommodate is 6 sets of 8 dancers i. e. 24 couples giving 48 dancers at a time. That means everyone gets some rest while allowing others to dance. There will be chairs around the sides and the coffee shop space will be available where there is also a bar.

The administration of the ceilidh by the TAA (Threlkeld Amenity Association) will be that each ticket holder must exchange their ticket for a wristband at the door. This will then allow ticket holders to move around freely inside the village hall and coffee shop. They can also go outside and come back in with minimum fuss.

The Thursday afternoon walk

The walk on Thursday from Castlerigg goes south to High and Low Nest before turning left [east ] to pass between High and Low Rigg past the Youth Centre . At Bridge House we turn left and follow footpaths back to Threkeld Bridge via Moss Dikes where we cross A66 and walk into Threlkeld. 
Anyone not wishing to walk the whole way could meet us at the Youth Centre.